about thai curry


Thai Curry may look unassuming from the outside, but once you enter the cozy modern dining room you’re instantly transported from Ballston and welcomed to Bangkok. The kitchen features generous dishes that are reflective of market-driven Thai cuisine, from simple street food to innovative twists on old standards.

Familiar appetizers get a fresh hand at Thai Curry. A fried canopy of julienned green papaya is topped with grilled shrimp and draped over a bed of tart string beans splashed with a chili-lime bath.

From chef secrets to country legends, unique soups also star. Pink noodle soup is packed with squid and whole shrimp and layered over vibrant watercress in a red-stained, vinegar-and-chili fortified brew. Tom Yum Pork offers a fragrant lemon grass, nam pla and lime brew, topped with cilantro and fried garlic. Diners are encouraged to adjust heat levels to their liking with cruets of sugar, chili powder, red chilies and green chilies in vinegar.

Sweets shouldn’t be overlooked. Playful rice-flour pancakes get a native treatment which is folded over banana and chocolate sauces.